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Our Story

Thank you so much for coming by Addison MacKenzie! I am very excited to have you here.

Addison MacKenzie was started for women just like you: women that love fashion, love being part of a community and women that make things happen. You make awesome things happen every day, not because of how you dress, but because of who you are. But hey, a girl has got to look good too, am I right?

I came up with the idea of Addison MacKenzie because how busy life can be for this momma of two and the ladies like me.  Due to the demands of life, I was finding it extremely tough to find time to go treat myself to shopping at local boutiques. Therefore, I created Addison MacKenzie to bring the latest in fashion to the tips of your fingers.

I chose the name Addison MacKenzie because a few years back I was pregnant with my second child, after our first being a precious little boy, we just knew it would be a girl. So, we started thinking of names and immediately fell in love with Addison MacKenzie! After the initial excitement of finding out we were expecting, just a few weeks later the negative tests started coming in, the ultrasounds were not good. Shortly after that, I miscarried our little baby. It was a very traumatic time for my hubby and me. Since then we always think of our sweet little Addison MacKenzie. So when I decided to start our boutique, I knew then we needed to name it Addison MacKenzie.