Why do we all love Target?

Brooke Newell

Posted on May 14 2018

Target, it is basically every woman’s Mecca.   Scroll through your social feeds and you will see at least one post about Target, and I bet you it’s a post made by a woman!  I am not immune to Target either, friends.  I swear there is nothing better than a hot Starbucks Latte (another post, for another time) and a kid-free trip to the old Tar-Jay.  It’s as if they “get” me!  From the welcoming and totally necessary items in the dollar section, to the friendly checkout where I can save 5% by using my Target card, I am hooked from walking in to checking out.  Her are my top five reasons I love Target.  

One Stop Shop.  They carry pretty much everything, right?  There aren’t many other stores where you can go to purchase a fabulous pair of shoes AND all your groceries in one stop!  It feels totally practical to shop here – and a little bit indulgent too, which leads me to my next point.

Feels Indulgent.  When you shop at Target, it doesn’t feel like you’re shopping at a discount store.  Each of their sections is thoughtfully designed, not crammed with merchandise.  The store is clean and the staff are friendly and helpful.  It is an experience, not just a place to shop.  

Designer Lines.  Target has done an amazing job of collaborating with some big names in the design-world to create specialty lines exclusive to Target.  I’m from the South, we ALL know Lily Pulitzer.  I’m pretty sure when Target unveiled this exclusive line to their customers, it sold out almost overnight!  There’s just something so endearing about your favorite store, partnering with your favorite designers to create something affordable without sacrificing design or quality. Have you seen their new line they created with Hunter? A girl can never have too many cute rain boots, right Dad? I know my dad is probably not reading this, but one Christmas he purchased me my black Hunter Rain boots and I have loved them ever since! 

Revolving Merchandise.  Each visit to Target is unique; you never know what great new home accessory they are going to feature when you go.  That cute spring floral quilt and sham set you saw last time, will soon be replaced by another one featuring seashells and beach themed accessories.   The styles and themes they feature are always on trend and affordable – so you can change out your throw pillows to match the season and not feel guilty! 

Me Time.  I’m not sure they intended this when Target was founded, but it has truly become a great way for women who need a break and little “me time” to get it and get the grocery shopping done at the same time!  I cannot tell you how many times I have “run out for milk” and come back two hours later with a trunk (and mama) full of happy! 

So as I finish this blog post, I am suddenly realizing we are just about out of milk, and I need to run out!  Those are my reasons for loving Target, what are some of yours?  See you in aisles, friends! xoxoxo 

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