The Mom Struggle

Ashley Wiggs

Posted on April 15 2018

After church the other week, I received a text from my friend, Sarah. “My daughter said you looked pretty today at church ,” the text read.

I immediately hit “reply” and texted back, “It’s crazy what happens when you actually take time to do your hair and makeup.”  After chuckling to myself about the comment, I started to think about why some days I don’t make the time to take care of myself.

After dating my husband, Kyle, for four years, I couldn't wait to get married, become a mom, raise my family, etc. All of those things quickly became my "everything." As a result, I find myself taking care of everyone else and usually putting myself last. However, because of a sweet text message on a Sunday afternoon, I realized I did, in fact, feel better about myself that day. When I actually take the time to fix my hair, plan my outfit and jewelry, and curl my hair, I have more confidence. I have a more positive attitude and get more accomplished during the day.  

Since then, I try to wake up earlier than usual to have time to shower before the kids wake up, make time to do my makeup (even if it is just a little mascara and lipstick), and pick out an adorable outfit from my boutique. Obviously, an owner of a clothing boutique should wear cute clothes! Well...let's be honest—this has not happened every day. But, I do try. It’s good to have a few graphic tees, cute leggings, and hats on hand for the days when I don't wake up in time.  

In regards to quick hair and makeup tips. I recently purchased a new blow-dryer from Ulta. This blow-dryer was only $34.99, and, so far, I have loved it! It gets the job done quickly. I also use dry shampoo on days when I am in a hurry. My current favorite is Batiste Dry Shampoo. My wonderful hair stylist, Heidi, from Ambiance Salon also taught me that you can use it throughout the day to prevent your hair from getting oily. For date nights or when I have 20-30 extra minutes, I will curl my hair using a wand. I have a NuMe curling wand, and I absolutely love it. I like that it came with different size wands for when my hair is longer or shorter. The wands are interchangeable and come in a carrying case, which helps me stay organized.  

For makeup, I love quick products that make me look presentable. I use foundation from Lancome, mascara from Arbonne, Urban Decay eyeshadow, Hoola bronzer, and Stila liquid eyeliner. My current lipcolor of choice is tbt by Tarte. Later on, I will give more details about specific products. 

Until then...remember to take time for yourself! You deserve it! You are amazing and beautiful! 



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