Spring/Summer Nail Colors – What’s Hot and Why YOU should Treat Yourself

Brooke Newell

Posted on April 22 2018

Do you feel guilty when you spend a little time and money on yourself?  I know I struggle with this often.  Specifically, I feel like getting a mani/pedi can seem frivolous.  It’s not something tangible, like a new wardrobe staple, or something I need, like food, but it IS something that makes me feel good. 

It is so hard for women to take the time out for themselves, to do something, yes maybe a little frivolous, to make ourselves feel good.  However, I would argue that it is incredibly emotionally important for us as women, wives, mothers, (and all the other hats we wear) to give ourselves a little time-out, and time off! Spending a couple hours at the nail salon, getting our hands and feet taken care of can do SO much more for us emotionally than we even realize.  When you leave the salon, you’re probably not feeling too stressed.  You probably feel a little relaxed, and I know when my hands and feet look good, I have an extra little pep in my step.  So go on, make that appointment and indulge a little in something just for YOU!  Oh, and you can tell your hubby I said so Jhe’ll thank me later! 

Probably one of the MOST stressful parts of the mani/pedi experience can be choosing a color!  I spend far too much time perusing the color wall, and too little time soaking and shedding the week’s stresses!  Read on if you want to ease your color choice burden AND stand out in a crowd full of pale nude and light pink nails.

This spring we are seeing some amazing new color trends that are sure to brighten your day!






Ultra Violet– what a fun color this baby is!  It reminds me of unicorns, and who doesn’t want to be a unicorn!  Try to pick one with a shimmer for an extra little zip! 

Ocean Blue– I LOVE a good beach vacation and this ocean-inspired beauty is ABSOLUTELY perfect for your spring break beach trip! 

Soft Yellow– Is there anything that is more spring than a soft yellow? You will be the Easter Bunny’s favorite wearing this gorgeous color!

Tangerine Orange– Want something a little more bold?  Look for a vibrant orange.  This bright color is perfect for anyone, and looks great on all skin tones.  Can someone say, “Gator Fan”?

Neon Blue – who said the 80’s got the capitalize on all the neon?  Not me!  Stand out in any crowd with this bright blue on your digits!

Periwinkle- A light periwinkle will match the beautiful spring flowers that are blooming all over the south! A little more mellow than the neon blue, but still a stand-out!

So don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when choosing a color!  And definitely don’t shy away from taking a time out just for YOU! 




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