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Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends

Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Week brought us lots of new, hot trends in jewelry for the coming seasons!  One of these trends is statement earrings, if you want to learn more about how to wear and pair statement earrings.  Other cool trends that you are sure to see trickle down into mainstream design are:

Transparent/Plastics– what matches a colorful outfit better than…Transparent Plastic? This trend is incredibly hot right now, and given the right design and style, a transparent plastic piece could be a staple in your jewelry box for the season.  This trend works so well because you can pair it with literally anything in your closet. 

Large Hoop Earrings– one of the more minimalist looks to strut down the runway this season, was large hoop earrings.  They are not new to fashion, but are being reimagined in a fantastic way.  Instead of plain gold or silver, we are seeing a lot of colored hoops, or hoops that feature dangle elements. 

Anklets– Anklets have been revisited this season – instead of the dainty anklets of the 90’s, we think these are more like foot candy.  We are seeing a lot more beads, colors and bolder charms on these pieces.  Pair these with a neutral pair of shoes to make your outfit pop! 

Stacked Cuffs – what’s better than one bold cuff? Multiple bold stacked cuffs!  This flies in the face of our recent advice to limit statement pieces to one, but if Paris Fashion Week runway models can pull it off, so can YOU!  Stick to mixing metals and leather, or simply mixing metals for an edgy look. 

Pearls– as for the stone we were most surprised by seeing on the runway?  Natural Pearls.  This classic stone has been refreshed with a bit of edge by combining them with tee shirts, trench coats and beachy dresses.  Your mama’s triple strand of pearls this is NOT.  Think bigger, bolder pieces that stand out while adding a bit of femininity .

We hope to see these trends rocking on your friends soon!   So which trend can you see yourself wearing?  Any you think might be a little over the top?











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