If You Give a Mom a Starbucks

Ashley Wiggs

Posted on May 20 2018

If you give a mom a latte,

she’ll want a muffin to go with it.

She’ll go to the nearest Starbucks to buy herself some.

But then her toddler will ask for some milk and a cookie.

So she will order that to.

While trying to pay for the purchases,

Her toddler will spill the milk all over his shirt,

The floor and anything else in a 5-foot radius.

The ever so patient Mom will clean it all up.

While wiping the toddler’s shirt,

She will remember the she left wet laundry in the washer.

She will pack up the toddler and race home to change out the laundry.

While changing the laundry,

She will see last night’s Monopoly game in the sprawled in living room.

She will remember she has Bunko later,

And she has to bring a dessert.

She will add Dessert to her Publix list on her Notes app.

While entering the dessert on the list,

She will receive a text.

Her best friend has to make a run to Publix.

Should they go together?

She’ll answer yes, but only after she changes the toddler

Who smells faintly of spoiled milk.

When she finally wrestles the toddler into his car seat,

She will find her Starbucks in the cup holder,

Her latte is now cold,

but it still tastes like hope and happiness in a cup!


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