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How to have well behaved kids without your cell phone!

This Spring Break, my entire family is in a wedding. My dear friend, Jourdan is getting married and we can’t wait to be by her side.  Kyle will be officiating the wedding, I am a bridesmaid, and both of the boys are ring bearers.  This would probably stress most moms out, but, I am being proactive and have a plan in place. So, what is that plan you may ask? Girl, I got your back.

Use the backpack for the win! I always bring a backpack full of activities the boys can do quietly while sitting.  This is something my friend Mary K taught me over ten years ago.  When I used to babysit for her in college, I paid attention to little things she did. Her girls were well behaved at any social gathering and I knew I would want my children to be like that one day.  She had a backpack full of coloring books, crayons, puzzles, drawing paper, and toys.  I started doing this once Logan was born and will never stop.  The backpack is my lifesaver! Well, lets be honest. I did forget the backpack at Logan's first piano recital.  But... Mary K was there sitting behind me and handed me a pad of paper and some pencils, and saved the day!

Never let my boys skip a nap. I have been made fun of plenty of times for not going to events, leaving events early, and being stared at strangely for pushing the stroller back and forth while the white noise app blares on my phone.  I am a strong believer that a well-rested child is a happy child.  Our pediatrician, Dr. Grooms, is fabulous and has been there guiding me in that part of my parenting journey. Logan (6) still naps three days a week and Steven (2) naps once a day at 1:00 for at least two hours and both boys are asleep before 6:45. This also allows Kyle and I to have time together once the boys are asleep.  

Finally, snacks.  I always have snacks on hand.  Snacks occupy time and always keep the boys quiet in situations when they shouldn’t be talking (for example, during a prayer at a baptism). I know my best friend Lauren was thankful for my backpack during her daughter's baptism.  Although, the backpack didn't control Logan's loud fart during the service.  I guess, boys will always be boys......

But, we can’t wait for the wedding and will post pictures once we get back!

Some of my current favs in our backpack:

Water coloring pads by Melissa and Doug
Color and Carry by Melissa and Doug
Lift the Flap books for Steven (like this Noah’s Ark one)
Step 2 Reading Books for Logan

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