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Guest Blogger: Make-Up Must Haves

Brooke Newell beauty favorite things Guest Blogger

Hey gals!
My name is Anna Snell.  I'm a Speech Pathologist, mommy to my baby boy Locke, and a Pinterest lover of food & fashion.  I was asked by Brooke to give you guys my "must have" & favorite make-up, so here it goes!  
Make-up: it's expensive, it's difficult to color match, you want to be bold {but don't get crazy}... and who on earth really knows how to contour?  I've found that some things you just can't skimp on, just go ahead and buy the $$ stuff.  On the other hand, there are items that I can pick up at CVS or Target, save a few bucks on, and am totally satisfied with the product and results.  
What I can't live without:
Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
This concealer is amazing.  I use it under my eyes and on the Cupid's bow on my top lip (that really makes lip stick sharp & pop!).  I apply it after a light coat of foundation by blending it with a make-up brush.  Using a good foundation and concealer means I can quickly brush on a translucent finishing powder and call it good. 
My latest favorite:
Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara, Blackest Black
This is a GREAT mascara!  I have bought $30 mascara in the past and not gotten the length & volume as with this product.  *Trick* apply 1 coat, wait 1 minute & apply the second; this will add volume and length!
I have verrrry fair skin, like #ghoststatus, BUT I embrace it!  My go-to look is a smokey eye, good concealer, and a bold lip (usually a dark red tone).  Something I love to do is go to Ulta a couple times a year with no make-up on and ask them to just match my skin tone and recommend their favorite products.  It's free, fun, and really, really helpful!  I've attached links above to Amazon, so a girl can #primeit.  It's been a pleasure ladies!  

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