Friends in Fashion: Allison MacLean

At Addison MacKenzie Boutique, we adore our customers. Heck, it feels wrong to call them customers because they are truly our friends! It is so exciting to build a community of women from all different backgrounds and experiences. Our mission at Addison MacKenzie is to bring women together, celebrate all aspects of our beauty, celebrate our strengths and our weaknesses, and be there to lift each other up. And the fun part? We can do it while having fun expressing our personality and creativity through apparel and the natural bonding that occurs when helping one another dress for success and happiness. In that spirit, I'd like to bring you our first guest blogger to the AMB Blog. We're excited to share her story and her style.  

Hi there! My name is Allison MacLean. I’ve lived in the Florida panhandle all my life, and grew up with Brooke (owner of Addison MacKenzie Boutique). Brooke was also friends with my late husband, Drew, who was killed in an automobile accident 5 years ago. I know really well how life is full of twists and unexpected turns. I never imagined myself as a widowed minivan mom of a four year old and a two year old.  But, God is good! I would think that like most parents, fashion comes secondary to comfort. For me, a typical day requires a lot of bending, squatting, lifting, carrying, chasing, wrangling, and so on. So, whatever I wear must, first and foremost, be comfortable. Fashion used to be an occasional added bonus, but with AMB clothes, I can feel pretty and comfortable every day!

What I love most about Addison MacKenzie clothes:

  1.  The shop is always open.  How else could I shop during naptime, or late at night from my bed?
  2. Everything I’ve purchased meets my comfort requirement.
  3. Personal Styling services are free of charge! Brooke can tell me what size she wears in a particular piece, and what size she recommends for me. She knows her clothes really well, because in some pieces, I wear small, in others, a large. Brooke even makes recommendations on what to pair with different clothing.
  4. Expediency. My purchase will arrive at my door step within three days of ordering! And with a personalized note from Brooke, my stylist ;)
  5. I have little to no fashion sense. AMB pieces are spot-on with the trends.   

I’ll just show you a few of my favorite pieces in this blog. What Addison MacKenzie clothes look like in my life:

Here I am wearing a light-weight mint green sweater, perfect for these Florida “winters.” The look of a sweater, the feel of a comfy t-shirt.  I love the lace detail down the back of this top.

Lace Back Sweater


This is me popping a hip at Carter’s swim lessons. Rocking my AMB navy striped top. Again lightweight, breathes easy and covers up any muffin top!

Navy Stripe Top


Scandalous for me!  Showing a little more leg than normal at my bestie’s birthday dinner.  I actually bought this dress for my sister. When it came in the mail, I tried it on…I had to order her another one because I kept this one!  Cold shoulders are so in and I am embracing it!!! A way to show off my shoulder while hiding the flabby arm. Thank you, whoever invented the cold shoulder (praise hands).

Cold Shoulder Dress


Brooke coordinated this outfit for me =) The light green tunic and the kimono are both AMB pieces. To make this slightly more casual for my Publix shopping, I wear cropped blue jeans and sandals. Again, super comfortable!

Mint Green Tunic and Floral Kimono


With my cousin, April, toasting the Dunkin coffees and wearing an AMB blue denim dress (with spandex for stretchability).  My whole world of dresses has opened up since I discovered slip shorts (or biking shorts). No big deal if Carter tries to hide under my dress. “Nothing to see here, people!”

Denim Lace Up dress


And if you don’t know me, I am a proud patriot! I love my U. S. of A. I snagged this flag-inspired top pretty quick.  So, here I am, holding Carter’s hand as he jumped down EACH step of the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

Flag Print T


I just love my AMB clothes and they will continue to overtake my closet!

Thanks Allison! Here at AMB we'd love to see your style! Just hop on over to our FB page and group and share a photo...share a story. We want to meet you! Until next time. 

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