Favorite Things - My Go To Perfume

Brooke Newell

Posted on July 25 2017

Favorite Things - My Go To Perfume

From time to time I come across items I just absolutely adore. While on a trip with my friend Robin to New York City, BK (before kids), I ran across the most fabulous perfume and I have to share it with you (I am getting nothing from them, I just think it’s really great!).

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbombviktor and rolf flowerbomb perfume

Ever since that trip, it has been my go to perfume.  The soft, sweet floral scents are not too overpowering and the packaging and bottle are too cute! It’s always a plus when your favorite cosmetics and fragrance can serve as a pretty countertop accessory. I have not tried the lotion or body cream, but both are on my list of purchases in the future.  

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite scent? Do you usually use the lotions, shower gels, and other body products that come in your favorite scent?

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