Favorite Blog - Moms Unite!

Brooke Newell

Posted on July 27 2017

Favorite Blog - Moms Unite!

I once heard, "Motherhood is what the majority of us women is either embracing, on the way to embrace, or hope to one day embrace.” It’s through the commonality of motherhood that I end up being drawn to other moms doing their thing and trying to make it happen!

money jar

Lately, I have enjoyed reading  I’ve never couponed a day in my life, but I am intrigued about the idea of saving more money. It seems to only take a few hours a week. Does anyone have experience in this area? I would love to hear more.  

I also enjoyed reading her blog on preschool and kindergarten resources. Logan is starting kindergarten in the fall, so I am always searching for fun educational things to do with him that keep his interest. 

Tell me! What are your must read blogs?

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