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Disney Tips From A Mom Who Knows

Ashley Wiggs

I love Disney World, but I am by no means an expert.  However, my dear friend Whitney is.  Whitney and I have been friends for a few years, and she is one of the sweetest gals I know.  She is the mom of two littles – Harper (4) and Austen (2) and along with her husband, Kevin; they venture to their favorite mouse’s house almost monthly—sometimes even more than that.  I thought, she is the perfect mom to ask about tips and tricks! Read on to hear from Whitney about things she does to make her trips go smoothly! 

My Disney Experience App

This app on IPhones or Androids is a life saver.  Long gone are the days where you would have to look at a map to figure out where things are… or walk to the other side of a park to figure out how long of a line a ride is.  This amazing app, which is also free, can find your location, show you where to go, give you show times for parades, and updates ride wait times.  It’s been such a lifesaver for our family!  Instead of walking half way across the park to find that the lines are just unbearable or missing a chance to ride a family favorite because we didn’t know it was a short wait time, this app saves us!  Even better, a recent update came out where you can order food ahead of time, notify the restaurant when you arrive, and poof, your food is ready.  I’m not sure there is much more that I could ask for!



My daughter Harper meeting Minnie on a whim—thanks to the app, we didn’t have to wait and made this memory with little to no wait time!


Pack Snacks!

Did you know you can bring in your own snacks and drinks into Disney?  This has been a huge savings for our family.  We always bring an extra bottle of water, that we refill several times throughout the day at water fountains.  A drink at Disney can range around $3 for a bottle of water or a soft drink – this saves us tons.  We also bring in our kids favorite snacks with us—usually prepackaged ones, or some in a Ziploc bag.  My kids have no idea all of the snacks available at Disney because they are perfectly content with their usual snack time foods.  We also bring granola bars for the adults.

Baby Center

I started taking our second daughter to Disney when she was six weeks old.  People thought I was crazy—until they heard about the Disney Baby Center.  Each theme park has a dedicated baby area that is air conditioned and perfect for moms of littles.  There are plenty of changing tables in this area, and we use this almost exclusively for changing pullups or diapers.  It’s staffed by an employee who disinfects after each use.  They also sell random things you might forget, including wipes, sunscreen, and popular infant medications.  There are also private nursing rooms available for breastfeeding moms. This hidden gem is FREE- and also has large bathrooms for family members.  We use this spot to regroup usually half way through the day.  Disney movies are playing for my oldest to watch while I tend to her sister and get the stroller resettled.



One of our first times taking our whole family – Harper barely two, Austen 8 weeks, all happy (right after a trip to the Baby Center)

 Stroller Signs

The day I told my husband I bought a stroller sign was the day he thought I was an alien from another planet.  He asked me if that was really needed—did we really need a sign that said our last name, in pink, with a Minnie Mouse cut out?  The answer… yes!  Often times cast members will move strollers to accommodate other things going on (think parade routes), or maybe you parked it in another area that was not for strollers. Do you know how hard it is to track down a tan Citi Mini Stroller?  I’m not the only person in the word that has one—and believe me there are TONS at Disney. So, do yourself a favor and either tie some ribbon on your stroller as a marker, or make a sign and laminate it. 

Dress Comfortable

Finally, my last bit of advice is to dress comfortable.  Your day should be about your experience – whether celebrating, just having fun, or a day off—you are making memories.  Dress comfortable and plan for hot weather.  Some of my favorite things to wear to Disney are my Addison MacKenzie finds, and thankfully Brooke knows I love my Disney attire.  I also recommend comfortable shoes for walking long distances. Even if you take a tram to and from your parking spot for your car, you will be walking miles.  Comfortable clothing for the weather and shoes and socks are so important. 

I hope you find these tips to be helpful and fun on your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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